The Grey Den has been a dream of mine in the making for the last 7 years. I began working in a country pub 20 years ago and what started as a way of earning a little extra money, ignited a passion in me for hospitality - I am at my most happiest behind a bar and serving customers. However, like many other people my passion was put to one side to ensure I was able to provide for my family. 

So, why now?

Two of my biggest supporters were my nan and grandad. No matter what I did, they were always incredibly supportive and made me believe that I could achieve anything I put my mind to. Sadly they are no longer with me, however losing them reignited the feeling of wanting to work in a place that would make me happy, meaning that I finally found the courage to start my hospitality dream and in turn start the hunt for a horse trailer. Fast forward to Jan 2022 and I was in contact with Paula from Bespoke Conversions. I had finally found someone that I could work with to achieve the concept of the trailer I had envisioned. 

Once I had all the details of the trailer design down, I knew I was able to trust Paula and the team to see that design through to finish, at which point I was then able to focus all my attention to the name - The Grey Den.

This is where I was able to pay homage to my Grandparents, my Grandads name was Dennis - everyone lovingly referred to him simply as 'Den' and  my Nan's name was Olive - hence the olive branch as a logo. The Grey Den isn't just a mobile bar trailer, this is a trailer that has been in the making for many years and has so much love behind it.

So, myself and The Grey Den team would be honoured and privileged to cater whichever occasion you are planning and we look forward to celebrating with you soon! #letsdrinktothat